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Enter Your STAR Era

Enter your STAR Era 🌟

In this workshop, we are going to release THE blocks of your success 🔥

It is time for you to take the stage. A part of you knows deeply that you belong on the front lines. There, where you will be seen for the leader that you are.

Your light is here to light up many lives. Your voice is here to inspire so many souls. Your energy is beyond radiant, naturally healing and activating others around you.

It is time to acknowledge who you really are. And to take the steps that put you in the spotlight.

The only reason why you are still playing it small is because a part of you is terrified of the success that is going to be unlocked in your life. What if you can’t handle the money that will come your way? Is your success going to take all of your time? Can you handle so much more of life? And can you handle the responsibilities that come with a successful business?

I received deep insights and awareness of the subconscious programs that are playing out, keeping you where you are now. All of them are based on old conditioning, an old way of business. And this is why you feel the resistance. This is why your body is trying to keep you safe.

I know how powerful you are. And when a part of you does not want to be seen and become successful, you will use your power subconsciously against your success. This is where you block all the possibilities, customers, and downloads that are in line with your success.

This is what we are going to clear in Entering your STAR Era.

In this workshop, I'm working with multidimensional source energy. Together we will clear out all the fears, conditioning, and karma that are currently blocking you. This is going to be extremely powerful 🌟

What you can expect in the workshop:

🌟 Deep clearing on all the old conditioning and programming around having a successful business.

🌟 Clearing on collective and personal conditioning around women being successful.

🌟 Deep clearing on karma, deep fears, and trauma from other timelines that are blocking the success.

🌟 Codes of alignment for your unique successful business.

🌟 Activation of the new way of business in line with the new earth energy.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 26 at 11:30 Amsterdam Time. There will be a replay available the same day.

This is your time to shine, baby. I can’t wait to share this magic with you!

Language: English 
Price: â‚¬99 
Live Call: 26th June at 11:30 hours (Amsterdam Time)
Duration: 1.5 hours 
Can’t be there live? There will be a replay available for everyone in the workshop.

Enter Your STAR Era

99,00 €Prijs
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