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Medicine Woman


In this Container, your medicine awakens...


All the parts that are still hiding in the dark will step forward. All the power you are now suppressing will find its space. You will feel and embody the powerful Medicine Woman you are on the deepest level.


This journey is for the healer, the lightworker, the way shower who is ready for her stage.


Your next level is already prepared for you. You feel it, you long for it, but you just can't quite reach it yet. All the magic you see in me is a reflection of the magic you also possess. I am here to awaken you. To raise your greatest power and magic. So you can reach everyone who is ready to receive from you.


You are here to be great. To dazzle with your light. You are here to be completely and entirely yourself, deeply touching other souls in the process. I will be your mirror. Your mirror of the enormous potential that you are. The mirror of the deepest blockages and protections that are still active. Together, we will shift these.


You are going to make an incredible amount of space, space for all that is new, for everything that can now come through. I am here to hold the container for the mega transformation you are about to make.


If you feel the energy activating, then I know this journey is for you. If you want to follow the excitement you feel, contact me via Instagram. I will then align with you to see if this journey is meant for you now.


I look forward to hearing from you, beautiful woman <3

And know that if you feel insecure, I always see you in your greatest power <3


If you feel this container is for you, send me a message.


Love, Janina


Three months 1:1 Container.

Transmission €7777 incl VAT

Medicine Woman

7.777,00 €Prijs
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